About the Garden

The IC Rooftop Garden, a 28 square metre (410 square foot), is a multi-use space for meditation, relaxation, meetings, and social gatherings and for teaching and learning how to grow food. The Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences launched the garden in 2016 in coordination with the Sustainability Office, and with input from the Culinaria Research Centre. Each year the garden is planted according to a theme. The 2016 Columbian Exchange Garden featured the three sister crops: maze, beans and squash used in cooking demonstrations and workshops. The 2017 garden, in keeping with U of T Scarborough’s Healthy Campus Initiative, follows the theme of Diverse Healing Foods, showcasing UTSC’s diverse community and Indigenous ceremonial and healing plants.  Each year more than 30 different crops are grown on this urban rooftop.

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Instructional Centre (IC)

The fourth floor Instructional Centre rooftop garden was added in the construction of the building and opened with the building in 2011.