Tomorrow: UTSC Summer Harvest Day

Come out and join us to celebrate UTSC Summer Harvest Day on August 16th (tomorrow!) by participating in fun events and activities happening throughout the day! Some activities include a Harvest Party on the IC Rooftop Garden, Indigenous teaching on harvesting and feasting by our Elder Wendy Phillips.  


Merry for Marigolds

Scientific Name: Tagetes Common Name: marigold, maravilla, சாமந்தி (cāmanti), गेंदे का फूल (gende ka phool) Native to Central America, marigolds come in of orange, yellow, red and bicoloured. These flowers are made of overlapping petals that become dense and smaller at the center. Marigold is an annual flower, though some varieties are perennials. Marigolds have a … Continue reading Merry for Marigolds

Planting Party Highlights

On June 7th, we had our Rooftop Garden Planting Party to kick off the garden season! It was great weather and lots of fun! Our Indigenous Elder, Wendy Phillips opened the Planting Party with a traditional smudging ceremony, and talked about the importance of the Indigenous ceremonial plants, sage and tobacco that will be growing … Continue reading Planting Party Highlights